Take a look at the real difference between the long distance visiting saddle and the new Experience Saddle. You twin sport cyclists will right away recognize some great benefits of shallower “wings” and a more off-road condition. The beauty of the new adventure saddle style, is that all of us use the identical materials and techniques all of us use to create our other custom motorcycle seats. This design allows for more liberal movements which is required for dual sport riding, whilst still providing comfort when it’s needed.

Anatomic saddles for more strong kilometers. We convert the actual saddle based on the rider along with special supplies of excellent high quality. In this way we provide comfort and safety to the rider and passenger and easier routes. Improve your driving exposure to a MCS seat and considerably reduce the fatigue you may feel daily or even during a trip.
I got the seat away from Newchurch Moto the other day plus it came out fantastic! Her sewn work is phenomenal. We went with a sea grade “perforated” vinyl. The vinyl fabric allows you to perform a looks-like perforation that doesn’t in fact put pockets through the materials. This means it is water proof. The perimeters are leather.

services include: The replacement of the old furniture of your car seats and the car roofing. We also hand-made controls covers as well as car levers. In recent years, we’ve been focusing in motorcycle chair covers additionally. We make original motorbike seat covers and also customize one for you according to your liking. We also have solutions for your yacht upholstery. All of us make summer time and wintertime covers for interior and exterior associated with yachts. The types of materials that we use are the best in the market to ensure durability.

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